MSMD Monday - Bright Leopard Print

It seems everyone has done leopard print...except me.  This look isn't really inspired by any one person or image it was more a feeling of everyone else has done this, why haven't I?

More details after the break.
I've raided my stash of Barry M Gelly polishes for this look.  The base is Barry M Papya with Barry M Greenberry and Barry M Dragonfruit splodges. I used a Claire's black nail art striper brush   to draw around the splodges and create the leopard print effect with a few additional black splodges in between the colours to add to the effect.  I like a good excuse to use the word splodges, its one of those words I really like saying.  This is finished off with a couple of squiggles of Barry M Gold Glitter across each nail.  I thought a complete topcoat of glitter would be too much and this light touch seemed to give just enough sparkle for day to day.  I finished this off with Nina Super Dry Top Coat and wore it for a full 5 days without any chips!

Apologies for the blurry photo but my health has taken a bit of a dip and I'm a bit wibbly wobbly at the moment (yes that's a technical term).  Fortunately this is nothing serious and happens to me from time to time, I'll be a bit more stable in the near future. The staff at my local Costa Coffee can testify to my wibbly wobblyness as I'm no longer able to make it from the counter to a table without spilling a considerable amount of my latte over the floor.  I've had to resort to drinking flat whites instead as the cup is a bit more stable in transit.  On the plus side the pretty patterns on the top of the coffee have inspired a few artistic scribbles in my notebook and will probably be turned into nail art at some point in the near future.

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